Friday, May 11, 2012

Tone It Up! Beach Babe DVD Review

When Tone It Up! released the Beach Babe DVD, I instantly knew I had to get it. I've been following TIU on YouTube and their blog for about two years now and they're so much fun to watch. I love how they make tough workouts but can make them fun. I feel like I'm working out with one of my girlfriends.

So what exactly is included in the Beach Babe DVD?


It features three full length workouts:

Surfer Girl- about 23 min
-This is the ideal workout for when you don't want to work out. They tailor the workout so that you're "surfing" while doing squats on your "board" (it's really your mat, but it's fun to pretend). I felt this one the most in my legs, but they sure do look good afterwards! 4/5 Stars

Bikini Sculpt- about 40 min
-This is the longest workout on the DVDs. I got tired about halfway through, so you know this is a tough workout. This is also the most traditional of the full length workouts- mat and weights, curls, squats, etc. For the times I want a traditional workout, this will kick my butt every time (literally). 4.5/5 Stars

HIIT the Beach!- about 19 min  
-High Intensity Interval Training is one of K&K's most recommended workouts. I love this workout for the days when I use the "I don't have time to get a good workout in" excuse. Think you can't get a good workout in 20 minutes? Well, try this. And you should make sure you have time for a shower afterwards- you'll need it. This is such a tough HIIT routine, that I was crawling to my water bottle during a water break. Yea. This is a good one. 5/5 Stars

There are also four "mini" workouts. I especially like to do one of these after my run days. OR you can do them all/ mix and match for a fourth full length workout!

Summer Arms- about 12 min
-This is my favorite of the Karena only workouts. I did this video after almost every run for three weeks leading up to my graduation and I was definitely able to see a difference. This includes the arm circuit from the Bikini Sculpt workout. If it weren't killer, I might be upset. This arm workout will give you jello arms- even with a 3 lb. weight. 5/5 Biceps

Bikini Booty- about 13 min
-There's a reason Katrina has an awesome booty- she's the master of booty workouts! Your buns will be singing after this, trust me. You can feel this in muscles you didn't know you had. It might look wimpy from first glance, but if you just try it, you'll get a great burn! 5/5 Glutes

Bikini Abs- about 17 min
-Katrina leads this intense ab workout. Sensitive wrists beware- this workout is plank heavy. But plank heavy does translate to being effective. It's difficult, but you can work up to it. 4.5/5 Obliques (.5 deducted for extreme difficulty)

Long and Lean- about 10 min
-Karena leads a 10 minute yoga inspired cool down stretching routine. This isn't my favorite, probably because I'm a little biased- I love Tara Stiles for yoga. However, for a stretch/ cool down after a workout, this is a good one. 3/5 Downward Dogs

Bottom Line?
This is the best Tone It Up DVD yet. Hands down. Added bonus? For an extra $7 you can download the videos instantly and keep them on your computer. I especially like this option because I don't have to switch DVDs when I want to change my workout. I know it sounds like I'm being whiny, but it really is convenient to just have all of the videos on my computer already. Another plus is that when I travel because I have all of the BB videos on my computer and I can bring another DVD in the drive- giving me eight different workouts.  

Would I recommend this to a friend? Already have! :)

Have a good workout, Beach Babes!


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